The time has changed and so is the photography pattern. Now, photographers do not like to click the simple images and wanted to capture simple videos in the camera roll. They can now add immense of the flair at a wedding reception and can change the entire outlook of the ceremony. They can capture fun at the wedding reception and make it more memorable with friends and family.

An arrangement of photos for guests

With the increased usage of smartphones and other related devices, people start clicking images of their own. In fact, guests start making videos on their own, many a time. This is why guests are told not to carry smart devices at the marriage reception. While clicking their photos, they create lots of disturbance during the entire ceremony. This is why, as compensation, they are promised to collect professionally clicked photos as present towards the end of the wedding reception.

Live events in a row showcasing

This sort of trend is followed in most gatherings today. The videos captured by the professional photographers showcased live on the screen which is arranged at the reception. This screen is put on the wall so that everyone can have a view of the video.

Photo booth services

The latest trend includes fun aspects too which is included in the package at the beginning. There is the arrangement for booths where there is décor and an appearance is created which match with the wedding theme and facilitate the simple backdrops for people in the background. This backdrop can be used by a single person or even by the group of friends. People love to be clicked on the backdrop. This adds the effects to the images and people can frame the photos as well. Several packages include such hampers for the guests with custom print and gifted as commemorating at the wedding event.

Addition of drones and aerial photography

Another exciting trend followed is aerial photography. Drone photography is also included which offers a great view of the wedding ceremonies. They cover the wedding venues and give an excellent view of the outdoors and indoors. All this adds the flair to the photo album. If you’re are looking for spectacular photographers in Syracuse, NY look no further than Anatoli Photograffi.