Welcome to Megan Peck photography blog. Usually, photography blogs focus on different styles and approaches as well as finishes on photographs taken at weddings and showcase plush and luxurious wedding affairs that the photographer had been a part of.

How about a different approach to a wedding? Not every wedding needs to be flamboyant and showcased as a grand affair in front of others? With diminishing relations between relatives and family ties, many people who are tying the knot often want only their real friends around, however few they are, parents who care as well as children even. Hence, marriages can be complex events, even if two people are about to start their life together and assume responsibility for each other.

This wedding blog aims to get you thinking beyond the usual frills and gowns of weddings. After all, such expenses are wasteful and often burden a couple from the start instead of helping them have a light-hearted and genuine start of a life together.

Explore such unique aspects and more on this wedding photography blog. A photographer is usually a curator of moments that are captured on the lens; he or she can create something dramatic and fanciful from ordinary moments or simply allow reality to speak for itself through the style of photojournalism. All such thoughts and more are evoked in this blog. Explore these articles to gain an insight into what weddings can be when you remove the colors and the flairs and focus on what is genuine and what brings people together even when things are imperfect in their lives.